Saturday Night Ritual

I decided to share with you guys my secret of how I beat the Saturday blues. The point when you realize the party’s over and the work week awaits. I used to spend my Saturday pretending tomorrow isn’t happening and misery isn’t coming but then I realized my Saturday night ritual could use a little makeover. I decided to stop spending the night wishing for the weekend to rewind it self and just fill myself with positive and relaxed feelings. What’s the best way to do that? A pamper evening of course.

IMG_0810Surely after becoming a lushi the products I’ll be using for my bath are by lush. This Saturday I started by crumbling “Sunnyside” bubble bar which is perfect for grey days when you wish for a bit of sparkle in your life. After the tub has been filled with bubbly golden water, I dropped the “Phoenix Rising” bath bomb which will leave the tub tinted purple with more golden sparkles.

I’ve used the Sunnyside previously without the bomb and I’ve actually found it more relaxing and calming on its own. I did not love the combination I created although the scents did seem somewhat similar. I have to say I wouldn’t be using Phoenix rising again. When I read the reviews about the sunnyside a lot of people complained about it staining the tub and also their bodies with gold glitter, I did not experience any of that, the tub was a bit goldish, but with a spray of water it was gone and in case of my body it was glowing naturally nothing too sparkly.

IMG_0836You can’t walk into your bath without lighting some candles first. I’ve used English Lavender by Waitrose. I was surprised to have found heavenly scented candles at a grocery store when I was shopping for candy! I absolutely LOVE this candle.

It’s not just my body that needs to lose the tension, it’s my hair too. It needs to lose all the tangling and all the split ends, for that I used “Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair masque.” I started using this recently and I’m loving it, it smells great and smooths wonderfully.

IMG_0859A brand new week needs a brand new face to get that I exfoliate using Origins Modern Friction. Following it Diorsnow DNA reverse night serum

IMG_1264And my Saturday finally ends with an episode of friends and Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay.  body creme..