The Three Bs

Untitled-3..In more depth and details the reason why we went to Notting Hill in the first place was the french restaurant “Beach Blanket Babylon.” If you personally know me or an old follower of my blog then you’ll know how much I LOVE  European -more specifically- french furniture and BBB gives the feeling of a luxurious Château.

edited2Unfortunately the timing of the restaurants here is pretty frustrating, lunch ends at three and dinner starts at six and we were there 3:30 therefore we did not make it to lunch, so we just sat down for drinks instead. Because the place was so beautiful I wanted to try the food and also it’s pretty far from our apartment, we decided we’d shop until dinner to not miss the chance of having delicious food. And I’m so glad we did, I found so many AMAZING stores that had edgy clothes, beautiful furniture and cute pet stores.


newGot my Pooh a couple of things. I finally got her a collar, she’s almost 1 and she doesn’t have one *terrible mommy alert*

002And of course when there is Diptyque, there’s a candle purchase. Their scents are so unique and divine. I got the limited edition Rose Duet that was recently launched which combines two layers of Roses and Baies, the scent takes you to a garden of delights..


After the very long walk we took, we were finally back at BBB for a lovely dinner by the fire and the food was deliciously worth it


Snowy lights

I landed in London few nights ago. The deathly semester has finally ended and I thought I could start living again, until my grades came back to hunt me. It is extremely disappointing to work hard for something and not get it, but I have finally let go of my grade ghost.. it took me a while but oh well, all it took was a snowy sky. Which reminds me to finally announce that I have witnessed -snowflakes fall- for the first time in my life and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

photo copyMy sister filmed London streets while we were heading to her apartment, the beauty of the lights is just indescribable. It’s true to be said that the only way to cure my mind is by being here.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful winter break and may we get what we hope and work for xx