& Other Stories Haul

photo 2-1 copyI still have so much to tell you about my summer vacation and what you shouldn’t miss if you plan your euro-trip but I seriously couldn’t wait to rave and tell you all about my new find (probably not so new to so many people).

Paris has been our sixth and last stop and you certainly know what Paris is mostly famous for: The shopping, lots of it. On one of the golden days, as we were walking under the sunlight and as we passed by the historical Place Vendome I was stunned by the beauty of fashion that revolved in one circle, we finally reached rue Saint-Honoré and there it was “& other stories” which is an amazing shopping store, it easily entered my list of top places to shop at. Lucky for me they also have a store in London, I’m definitely going to be a regular.

This is what I have bought:

-Angora-blend sweater
Metal Choker Necklace (I forgot to take a picture of it)
-Panel leggings
-Punk Bouquet body wash
-Punk Bouquet body scrub: I have already tried this product and I have fallen harshly in love with it. Sometimes scrubs could be a bit hard on my skin, not this one, incredibly soft( the softest scrub I have ever used) yet gets rid of any dry patches, leaving my skin polished with a silken texture and a luscious scent.
-Punk Bouquet body Soufflé: I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I want to marry this product. It has every quality that I look for in a body lotion: Scent lasts for the entire day and the next day!, sinks into my skin as soon as I apply it which does not make me feel like a sticky creature that needs to be dried before touching anything & just smells absolutely heavenly.
-Equatorial Dreams body scrub
-Linsay Salmon nailpolish: Highly pigmented, long lasting and dries up so fast which is something that I REALLY appreciate.
-Say Pink nailpolish
*(There are things that you could see in the photo but I did not mention them because they were picked up by my sister and not me)

photo 1-1 copy photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy

Delicious Color


photo 1-5 photo 1-6 photo 2-5 photo 2-6photo 3-2  photo 1-2 photo 1-3 photo 1-4 photo 2-1 photo 2-3 photo 3 Chanel: orange fizz, coromandel.  Models own- apple pie, blubbery muffin, banana split, grape juice. Topshop-green room. Illamasqua-collide. H&M: blue my mind.. Time to get painting xo

Saturday Night Ritual

I decided to share with you guys my secret of how I beat the Saturday blues. The point when you realize the party’s over and the work week awaits. I used to spend my Saturday pretending tomorrow isn’t happening and misery isn’t coming but then I realized my Saturday night ritual could use a little makeover. I decided to stop spending the night wishing for the weekend to rewind it self and just fill myself with positive and relaxed feelings. What’s the best way to do that? A pamper evening of course.

IMG_0810Surely after becoming a lushi the products I’ll be using for my bath are by lush. This Saturday I started by crumbling “Sunnyside” bubble bar which is perfect for grey days when you wish for a bit of sparkle in your life. After the tub has been filled with bubbly golden water, I dropped the “Phoenix Rising” bath bomb which will leave the tub tinted purple with more golden sparkles.

I’ve used the Sunnyside previously without the bomb and I’ve actually found it more relaxing and calming on its own. I did not love the combination I created although the scents did seem somewhat similar. I have to say I wouldn’t be using Phoenix rising again. When I read the reviews about the sunnyside a lot of people complained about it staining the tub and also their bodies with gold glitter, I did not experience any of that, the tub was a bit goldish, but with a spray of water it was gone and in case of my body it was glowing naturally nothing too sparkly.

IMG_0836You can’t walk into your bath without lighting some candles first. I’ve used English Lavender by Waitrose. I was surprised to have found heavenly scented candles at a grocery store when I was shopping for candy! I absolutely LOVE this candle.

It’s not just my body that needs to lose the tension, it’s my hair too. It needs to lose all the tangling and all the split ends, for that I used “Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair masque.” I started using this recently and I’m loving it, it smells great and smooths wonderfully.

IMG_0859A brand new week needs a brand new face to get that I exfoliate using Origins Modern Friction. Following it Diorsnow DNA reverse night serum

IMG_1264And my Saturday finally ends with an episode of friends and Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay.  body creme..

The Three Bs

Untitled-3..In more depth and details the reason why we went to Notting Hill in the first place was the french restaurant “Beach Blanket Babylon.” If you personally know me or an old follower of my blog then you’ll know how much I LOVE  European -more specifically- french furniture and BBB gives the feeling of a luxurious Château.

edited2Unfortunately the timing of the restaurants here is pretty frustrating, lunch ends at three and dinner starts at six and we were there 3:30 therefore we did not make it to lunch, so we just sat down for drinks instead. Because the place was so beautiful I wanted to try the food and also it’s pretty far from our apartment, we decided we’d shop until dinner to not miss the chance of having delicious food. And I’m so glad we did, I found so many AMAZING stores that had edgy clothes, beautiful furniture and cute pet stores.


newGot my Pooh a couple of things. I finally got her a collar, she’s almost 1 and she doesn’t have one *terrible mommy alert*

002And of course when there is Diptyque, there’s a candle purchase. Their scents are so unique and divine. I got the limited edition Rose Duet that was recently launched which combines two layers of Roses and Baies, the scent takes you to a garden of delights..


After the very long walk we took, we were finally back at BBB for a lovely dinner by the fire and the food was deliciously worth it


Notting Hill

I’m in London so I guess you know what that means, it means blogging non stop! There is just so much here to talk about..

photo copy 4What I love about London is that there’s always something new, there’s always a new street, new shop or a little cafe added on the corner. Yesterday I’ve been to Notting Hill for the first time which is crazy! How did I not know about matchesfashion and Brissi. The street is filled with irregular stores that you just don’t see on every corner and that’s kinda nice, for a change you won’t see H&M after every two steps you take. An addition to irregularity I loved that they were taking extreme care of their shop windows everything is displayed beautifully with so much color!

photo copy 2

photo copy 3

photo copy 5if you’re in London anytime soon make sure you give Notting Hill a visit


Things I regret buying


There are a lot of things that I have bought and found completely useless. I finally learned to read reviews of products before moving to the purchasing process.

Untitled-251-The first product that I REALLY regret buying is the clarisonic. It ruined my life by ruining my skin! so many people love this tool and I didn’t expect to hate it at all. Before purchasing the clarisonic the seller used it on my hands to show me its effect on the skin and you wont believe the dirt that came out of my hands! (I know ew) the dirt was not visible to the naked eye so I was pretty impressed of how clean and soft my hands felt after using the clarsonic so I went back home super excited to use it (you should know I have acne prone – my skin usually breaks out). The first few times I used it I was so happy with how it made my face super clean and super bright. I felt that my initial color was restored BUT (there’s always a but).. when I first started using it my skin was pretty good I had nothing but two pimples one on the right side of my face and the other one on my left side I usually apply a clearing gel on my pimples and they disappear after few days but because I was using the clarsonic my skin started braking out like crazzzyyy both sides of my face were filled with breakouts. It was a horrifying and a very upsetting time for me it took  a VERY VERY VERY long depressing process to get read of what the clarisonic caused. And don’t get me started on the cleansers that comes with it. Terrible just terrible.

2- Bliss Clog dissolving cleansing milk: I purchased this when I ran out of my bliss oxygen cleanser which I LOVE LOVE LOVE  and when I went back to bliss to get a new one they were sold out so the therapist advised me to purchase this one instead. It smells horrible, it irritated my skin and did not remove my make up the way it should.


3- BIODERMA purifying gel: I got this when I ran out of my cataphil cleanser we don’t have it in Doha so I needed an immediate substitute so I went for this one. It did not harm my skin but it didn’t do good either. you could see from the picture that I’ve barely used any..

Untitled-274- I was really surprised that I hated philosophy Strawberry milkshake! I adore philosophy bath products they smell so yummi! and I smelled this one at the store it smelled like actual Strawberry milkshake but when I went back home for some reason the smell transformed to an old medicine I used to take when I was a child. I definitely don’t like it.


5- Chanel Beaute intiale: I don’t hate this cream but I don’t love it either I believe that there are so many other hydrating creams on the market that would work better. It smells good and I still do use it but I don’t believe I’d repurchase it.

Tell me about the products you purchased but didn’t like?