& Other Stories Haul

photo 2-1 copyI still have so much to tell you about my summer vacation and what you shouldn’t miss if you plan your euro-trip but I seriously couldn’t wait to rave and tell you all about my new find (probably not so new to so many people).

Paris has been our sixth and last stop and you certainly know what Paris is mostly famous for: The shopping, lots of it. On one of the golden days, as we were walking under the sunlight and as we passed by the historical Place Vendome I was stunned by the beauty of fashion that revolved in one circle, we finally reached rue Saint-Honoré and there it was “& other stories” which is an amazing shopping store, it easily entered my list of top places to shop at. Lucky for me they also have a store in London, I’m definitely going to be a regular.

This is what I have bought:

-Angora-blend sweater
Metal Choker Necklace (I forgot to take a picture of it)
-Panel leggings
-Punk Bouquet body wash
-Punk Bouquet body scrub: I have already tried this product and I have fallen harshly in love with it. Sometimes scrubs could be a bit hard on my skin, not this one, incredibly soft( the softest scrub I have ever used) yet gets rid of any dry patches, leaving my skin polished with a silken texture and a luscious scent.
-Punk Bouquet body Soufflé: I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I want to marry this product. It has every quality that I look for in a body lotion: Scent lasts for the entire day and the next day!, sinks into my skin as soon as I apply it which does not make me feel like a sticky creature that needs to be dried before touching anything & just smells absolutely heavenly.
-Equatorial Dreams body scrub
-Linsay Salmon nailpolish: Highly pigmented, long lasting and dries up so fast which is something that I REALLY appreciate.
-Say Pink nailpolish
*(There are things that you could see in the photo but I did not mention them because they were picked up by my sister and not me)

photo 1-1 copy photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy

What I wore: Beachy Nights

photo 2

add picturephoto 2 photo 2 photo 5 photo 3 photo 1 photo 5Dress: Roberto Cavalli, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, earrings: Siman Tu, Lipstick: Saint Germain, eyeshadow: Moshi Moshi/Goody Goody Gum Drop

Make Up: Gold Baroque

photoBefore I start with my makeup, I have to fix some issues with my skin, if it’s one of those days where its unbelievably dehydrated, I would use Liz Earle moisturizer. The second thing I would do is apply Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream which is the perfect base for concealer. I have this issue where I feel that every time I apply concealer my under eye area gets darker and darker, and concealer is not something I’m willing to let go of, so I got this product for the purpose of using it as concealer base. However, there is an issue with this product if you start applying your concealer immediately after you applied it, your makeup is going to look greasy and flaky and all kind of things that you don’t want to see, you HAVE to wait at least 15 minutes before starting up with your makeup same goes with moisturizer.

phfoto 1Liz Earle moisturizer
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream

fMoving on to the next step, I start by using MAC prep+prime to help increase the lifetime of my makeup. Now with all the fun not colorless stuff, first I would apply concealer on any blemishes or scars and also under my eyes, I recently purchased Chanel correction perfection concealer, I really like it however I still do believe nothing can top up my previous Cargo concealer that I’ve previously mentioned I’m really upset we no longer have it at Sephore, I don’t understand why every time I get hooked on something they shut it down, it seems that I jinx products *sorry producers* .. anyway I fell off subject there, for the perfect foundation I like to mix MAC studio Fix nc25 with Chanel Mat Lumiere 20 on my heart paw palette using MAC 190 brush . If you’re a mac user you would know that sometimes their foundation could get a bit to yellowyy and this is why I love mixing it with a lighter foundation to get the perfect coverage. After I’m done with the foundation I would blend some more using MAC 130SE brush. then to brighten up my eyes I apply a teeny bit of YSL radiant touch in the corner of my eyes. Because I used fake tan on my body my face need to be tanned as well, A spray of Soap & Glory Glow Getter

photo 2MAC prep+prime
Chanel Correction Perfection Concealer
MAC studio Fix nc25 Foundation
Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation
MAC 190 brush
MAC 130SE brush
YSL radiant touch
Soap & Glory Glow Getter

photo 5Afterwards, I use collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer under the peek of my eyebrows. then fill my eyebrows with Bobbi brown eyeshadow in the color Rich brown 11 using Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush. For the eyes, I used urban decay eyeshadow primer potion. The Eye shadows I used were by MAC Nylon and Tempting applied each using Bobbi brown Eyeshadow brush then blended them using MAC 217 brush. Then used my ultimate favorite eyeliner Penultimate eyeliner in Rapidblack & finally applied my new favorite mascara Limited edition MAC Opulash Optimum Black mascara.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow: Rich brown 11
Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Brush
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
MAC eyeshadow: Nylon, Tempting
MAC 217 brush
Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapidblack
MAC Opulash Optimum Black mascara

photo 4To contour I used Terracotta bronzing powder using Bobbi brown bronzer brush. For highlight and shimmer I used Bobbi brown Shimmer Brick using MAC 168 brush.

photo 3Terracotta bronzing powder
Bobbi brown bronzer brush
Bobbi brown Shimmer Brick
MAC 168 Brush
YSL lipstick: 27

What’s in My Package

IMG_1385Amidst the flurry of midterm week I thought I’d cheer myself up by adding Asian products to my beauty arsenal. I’ve placed an order on Yesstyle which is an Asian E-shop that offers beauty products among other things. I was in doubt at first when I found the website through google, after losing lots of my packages through mail I currently suffer from *Internet Shopping phobia* But I’m so glad I gave yesstyle a chance their delivery was incredibly fast and accurate which to me matter the most, when I wait for a package for too long I just lose all effervescence for it..

IMG_1411 The first Asian product that I wanted to get my hands on was “My Beauty Diary” sheet masks. I got White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask & 2-Step Africa Hydrating Pack.

IMG_1436and as I was cramming on the web I found more interesting things that I wanted to add to my basket but fear of package lose kept my hands tight so I only included

Skinfood Cucumber & Lettuce Hydro-gel Eye Mask Sheet : My under eye area goes insane during exams weeks because of the late nights I spend scrolling through my business books, so I thought it would be the perfect time for me to get those eye mask sheets.
– Kiss Me Kiss Lip Softsense (Peach):I added this lip balm to my basket because it looked Japanese and cute, which was a good enough reason for me. This was the first product to fall in my hands and went immediately on my lips, it’s VERY hydrating. I already have a feeling it will be floating around from handbag to handbag to soothe & hydrate.. I loved that it does not contain a delicious or any kind of scent to it, because I usually tend to eat my lip balms when they smell like yummy candy.

IMG_1413before wrapping this post I wanted to share with you another gift from technology that will make your life easier as it has made mine. I usually like multiple products on the internet from different sites, and most of the time when I’m in the mood to start shopping online and I’m ready to abuse my credit card, I forget most of the items that were on my wishlist, so I just end up surfing through N-A-P because let’s face it there’s always something I want from Net-a-porter. But I’m just too used to getting a black NAP box and I would like to receive something new. -Technology to the rescue- Now I finally don’t have to face this problem where I could simply add wantsworthy “I want” toolbar onto my bookmark and vola all items from different websites can be easily found in one place which is (http://www.wantworthy.com). You can see everything on my wishlist here & all the items I’ve purchased and will be purchasing here.

So go ahead and fill your wishlists xo

Saturday Night Ritual

I decided to share with you guys my secret of how I beat the Saturday blues. The point when you realize the party’s over and the work week awaits. I used to spend my Saturday pretending tomorrow isn’t happening and misery isn’t coming but then I realized my Saturday night ritual could use a little makeover. I decided to stop spending the night wishing for the weekend to rewind it self and just fill myself with positive and relaxed feelings. What’s the best way to do that? A pamper evening of course.

IMG_0810Surely after becoming a lushi the products I’ll be using for my bath are by lush. This Saturday I started by crumbling “Sunnyside” bubble bar which is perfect for grey days when you wish for a bit of sparkle in your life. After the tub has been filled with bubbly golden water, I dropped the “Phoenix Rising” bath bomb which will leave the tub tinted purple with more golden sparkles.

I’ve used the Sunnyside previously without the bomb and I’ve actually found it more relaxing and calming on its own. I did not love the combination I created although the scents did seem somewhat similar. I have to say I wouldn’t be using Phoenix rising again. When I read the reviews about the sunnyside a lot of people complained about it staining the tub and also their bodies with gold glitter, I did not experience any of that, the tub was a bit goldish, but with a spray of water it was gone and in case of my body it was glowing naturally nothing too sparkly.

IMG_0836You can’t walk into your bath without lighting some candles first. I’ve used English Lavender by Waitrose. I was surprised to have found heavenly scented candles at a grocery store when I was shopping for candy! I absolutely LOVE this candle.

It’s not just my body that needs to lose the tension, it’s my hair too. It needs to lose all the tangling and all the split ends, for that I used “Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair masque.” I started using this recently and I’m loving it, it smells great and smooths wonderfully.

IMG_0859A brand new week needs a brand new face to get that I exfoliate using Origins Modern Friction. Following it Diorsnow DNA reverse night serum

IMG_1264And my Saturday finally ends with an episode of friends and Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay.  body creme..

What’s in My Bag

Untitled-46 It’s finally the “What’s in my bag” blogpost that you guys wanted to see. The reason I did not do one earlier is because I’m the kind of person that would go out with an empty bag. I’m not even exaggerating, I’d literately just go out with a bag that contains absolutely nothing. Not even my phone *because it’s always out of charge*. Nevertheless, there would be those rare moments where I would actually carry tangible items in my bag and today was one of those moments so I thought to myself I should finally do the post!

Untitled-1 Untitled-10

Untitled-14 Untitled-15 Untitled-16Untitled-18 Untitled-19 Untitled-21 IMG_0600 copyWhat’s in my bag: Wallet, International Mangement book, Paperchase notebook, Calculator, pencilcase, Planner, Dior sunnies, My iphone coverd by Pooh, Cosmetic bag.

What’s in my cosmetic bag: Laura Mercier silk creme foundation, MAC 130 brush, Inglot lipstick palette, Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara, Maybelline dream lumi touch concealer, Hand Maid by Soap and Glory, A super old Hello kitty mirror that is not even mine *I stole it from my sister* hehe. I had few nail polishes because I have a two hour long break and I thought I’d color my nails. I couldn’t pick what color I wanted at home so I just packed them all: Tomford in Smoke Red. Essie in Hot Coco. Topshop Nails in Big Smoke.

Let me know if you would like to see “What’s in my bag” regularly xo.