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I think that one of the most important elements of a serene bedroom is a beautined up nightstands. So here are some very easy tips that I like to follow for the visual anchor of my room. The easiest way to start up is by getting a vase and a set of flowers whether you like them fake or real, flowers always left up the entire room. I got my vase from Zarahome filled it up with my favorite flower (pink peonies). I always check Zarahome website before hitting the mall, to ensure that what I’m looking for is available instead of coming back home empty handed.


Adding Books is always a good decorating tip, especially fashion books, always beautifully covered. So this would be the second thing I’d have on my table.

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Your nightstand has to contain the essential items that you need just before going to sleep, and first thing when you wake up in the morning. How to sum those essentials on your nightstand is pretty easy. All you need is a tray. In my case At night the first thing I need is Baies interior scent, the scent combines A bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves, which gives a perfect breeze of a garden feel in my room, so I like to spray a bit of it before I hit the shower. I also like to keep my favorite hand & body cream “PINK wild at heart” and my favorite perfumes in a tiny tray ( Wild bluebell by Jo Malone, Valentina by Valentino, Fresh Musk and Light Musk by Aljazeera). I love Arabian scents from Oud to Musk, my favorite scent for the last month has been Light Musk! You need to give it a sniff if you’re a die hard Arabian scents lover.

EDITED 3 photco 1-3What I keep on my nightstand is very changeable sometimes instead of having a set of perfumes, I might replace them with a candle or a jewellery box where I keep my daily jewellery or the leftovers of yesterday’s party, I got the green one and the mirrored one from Zarahome.

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My second nightstand is a combination of stolen tableware from my mom’s kitchen kabord – way to be creative huh?- Starting from a heart-shaped tray from iDesign, containing a Villeroy&Boch glass jar for updated seasonal nailpolish, My favorite Jo Malone summery body cream Blackberry&bay and LSAinternational bowl that could contain girly snacks or daily jewels.

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In London Corners

Never pass by a street without looking at the corner because corners locate the uniquest shops. I don’t know if it’s just me or I share my passion of drilling for bizarre places that carry the cutest items..

The first thing I’ve ever bought from a corner shop in Piccadilly was the “Keep Calm and Carry on Shopping” mug. I got it when I had the addiction phase of “Keep Calm and Carry on ” especially when I learned the reason behind it from a dear friend -Shaha- saying that this was a way to calm people down through war and this is how I fell in love with the idea. From this collection I got a couple of notebooks, an eraser and a “good advice for hard times” which is a tiny book containing quotes about failure, work, life, crises. it keeps you calm and it keeps you going.

My favorite quotes from the book:

1- “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”-Mark Twain

2- “How can they say my life is not a success? Have I not for more than 60 years got enough to eat and escaped being eaten” – Logan pearsall smith

3- “He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW” – Friedrich Nietzsche

4-“Always laugh when you can. it is cheap medicine”- Lord Byron

Who here loves Fifi Lapin, or I’m sorry who here doesn’t love the quaint artist Fifi! You can’t not have respect for people who make themselves out of a drawing, out of a hobby. She has done amazing collaborations through the glob. wrote books, designed cases, clothes and jewellery. I still regret the day I’ve passed by Juicy couture at new bond street and saw the collection created by fifi lapin for juicy and didn’t get anything because I was “not in the mood” those mood swings they make you do things that are just not acceptable!

Through my last visit to London I saw these cards created by fifi as well and I didn’t want to redo my mistake so I got them immediately.

Walk into covent garden, take the stairs and head down immediately, where all the fun stuff are generated in a little shop called Sass & Belle. You’ll find cushions, toys, boxes, home accessories and everything that you could possibly think of. I got myself those super cute bandages, UK flag box, Paris stamps and tiny London box for my tiny jewellery. I’ve wanted to take everything with me!! ..And if you get tired from looking at the pretty stuff there’s a candy shop right next to it “Candy Cakes” where you can look at more pretty things, but luckily those ones you can actually eat. Another place you shouldn’t miss is Octopus where you can get all the girly girl products that you need in a cute-girly-girl appearance!

another place I’m sure all of you heard about is Liberty where you can get exquisite designer clothes, beautiful vintage collection of Chanel, Hermes and Dior,  the finest fabric and your own customized perfume. And no that is not it, there’s more. To be honest I don’t like shopping at liberty so much for fashion but I do love it for fun. Starting from the chocolate corner to the stationery & diaries side.

I couldn’t resist getting tons of notebooks and diaries. My two favorites are “In my humble opinion” where you can state everything you hate about people and complain freely not for the purpose of hurting anyone but just for the sake of getting it out of your system! it’s definitely my favorite therapy. On every page there’s also a quote, which is the thing I love most about it. One of them is “I personally think we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain” -Lily Tomlin.

And the other journal is “Winners I’ve met and liked” even if those people are not winners in books, they are winners of life. Whoever name I inked on my journal has made something worth remembering and has won the battle of life.

And yes I know what you are thinking it’s pretty contradictional to have those two journals it can’t be all complain and it can’t be all love, but there can be a balance..

Last but no least these are more detailed images of my favorite things that I got from London corners through the years from different places. It’s all United Kingdom but can you blame me? UK is pretty photogenic and there can never be too much London!  ..and to prevent confusion some of the linked pictures are not taken by me.

Enjoy sweethearts & if you got a place of your own that you love please do share xo


I’ve always admired Anna Dello Russo, I love that she’s always in for a surprise, you can’t not stop when you see her pictures, she turn heads and stop clicks! it’s not just that all eyes are on her but all lenses as well. She became the queen of street style, and her style is not very streety it’s the exact opposite it’s more fabulous and greedy.

What I love most is her unique picks! whether with jewellery, dresses or shoes. She’s probably the only person that can go too far and keep it FAB-ulous at the same time.

Recently, I’ve admired her A.MORIR sunglasses that you can get directly from their website. I gotta be honest I’ve never heard of a.morir before, I’ve checked their website and they’ve got some super unique shades. Of course no one picks better shades than Anna, especially that she needs to protect her eyes from all the flashes through fashion week.

She absolutely has the best taste in jewellery. At first I didn’t love Repossi’s jewellery line so much, but when I saw how it can transform a “just ok” outfit to a fabulous one, my feelings changed immediately. Shop it at N-A-P 

Photos credit: thecoveteur