What’s in My Package

IMG_1385Amidst the flurry of midterm week I thought I’d cheer myself up by adding Asian products to my beauty arsenal. I’ve placed an order on Yesstyle which is an Asian E-shop that offers beauty products among other things. I was in doubt at first when I found the website through google, after losing lots of my packages through mail I currently suffer from *Internet Shopping phobia* But I’m so glad I gave yesstyle a chance their delivery was incredibly fast and accurate which to me matter the most, when I wait for a package for too long I just lose all effervescence for it..

IMG_1411 The first Asian product that I wanted to get my hands on was “My Beauty Diary” sheet masks. I got White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask & 2-Step Africa Hydrating Pack.

IMG_1436and as I was cramming on the web I found more interesting things that I wanted to add to my basket but fear of package lose kept my hands tight so I only included

Skinfood Cucumber & Lettuce Hydro-gel Eye Mask Sheet : My under eye area goes insane during exams weeks because of the late nights I spend scrolling through my business books, so I thought it would be the perfect time for me to get those eye mask sheets.
– Kiss Me Kiss Lip Softsense (Peach):I added this lip balm to my basket because it looked Japanese and cute, which was a good enough reason for me. This was the first product to fall in my hands and went immediately on my lips, it’s VERY hydrating. I already have a feeling it will be floating around from handbag to handbag to soothe & hydrate.. I loved that it does not contain a delicious or any kind of scent to it, because I usually tend to eat my lip balms when they smell like yummy candy.

IMG_1413before wrapping this post I wanted to share with you another gift from technology that will make your life easier as it has made mine. I usually like multiple products on the internet from different sites, and most of the time when I’m in the mood to start shopping online and I’m ready to abuse my credit card, I forget most of the items that were on my wishlist, so I just end up surfing through N-A-P because let’s face it there’s always something I want from Net-a-porter. But I’m just too used to getting a black NAP box and I would like to receive something new. -Technology to the rescue- Now I finally don’t have to face this problem where I could simply add wantsworthy “I want” toolbar onto my bookmark and vola all items from different websites can be easily found in one place which is (http://www.wantworthy.com). You can see everything on my wishlist here & all the items I’ve purchased and will be purchasing here.

So go ahead and fill your wishlists xo