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I think that one of the most important elements of a serene bedroom is a beautined up nightstands. So here are some very easy tips that I like to follow for the visual anchor of my room. The easiest way to start up is by getting a vase and a set of flowers whether you like them fake or real, flowers always left up the entire room. I got my vase from Zarahome filled it up with my favorite flower (pink peonies). I always check Zarahome website before hitting the mall, to ensure that what I’m looking for is available instead of coming back home empty handed.


Adding Books is always a good decorating tip, especially fashion books, always beautifully covered. So this would be the second thing I’d have on my table.

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Your nightstand has to contain the essential items that you need just before going to sleep, and first thing when you wake up in the morning. How to sum those essentials on your nightstand is pretty easy. All you need is a tray. In my case At night the first thing I need is Baies interior scent, the scent combines A bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves, which gives a perfect breeze of a garden feel in my room, so I like to spray a bit of it before I hit the shower. I also like to keep my favorite hand & body cream “PINK wild at heart” and my favorite perfumes in a tiny tray ( Wild bluebell by Jo Malone, Valentina by Valentino, Fresh Musk and Light Musk by Aljazeera). I love Arabian scents from Oud to Musk, my favorite scent for the last month has been Light Musk! You need to give it a sniff if you’re a die hard Arabian scents lover.

EDITED 3 photco 1-3What I keep on my nightstand is very changeable sometimes instead of having a set of perfumes, I might replace them with a candle or a jewellery box where I keep my daily jewellery or the leftovers of yesterday’s party, I got the green one and the mirrored one from Zarahome.

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My second nightstand is a combination of stolen tableware from my mom’s kitchen kabord – way to be creative huh?- Starting from a heart-shaped tray from iDesign, containing a Villeroy&Boch glass jar for updated seasonal nailpolish, My favorite Jo Malone summery body cream Blackberry&bay and LSAinternational bowl that could contain girly snacks or daily jewels.

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Bliss has been proven one of the best spas world wide, today I’m reveling the experiences I’ve had with bliss, before talking treatments let’s talk decor, I really loved the colors and the interior design of the place no wonder it won an Award for Best Spa Design, the colors chosen takes you to a more girly modernized world.

Moving on to facials I chose to do their most famous facial ‘the triple oxygen treatment’ and it was truly the best facial I’ve ever had. You will exit the room with a glowy beautiful face, what I loved is that they squeezed their oxygen treatments into bottles that you can purchase. therefore, you can take the treatment to your home. My therapist also recommended me some skin care products that I have been using for a month now and after all the problems  I’ve had with my skin I’m left with only  positive feedback.

And even if you’re not interested in facials and body treatments you can enjoy their unlimited nail care treatments from hot cream manicure to heels-recovery pedicure

A master piece

You might find that this post contradict the previous one where I stated that my soul is poisoned with change and that I could never love someone forever, but when it comes to one person all laws seem to scatter. A person that cures the hearts and souls, a person that absorb every toxic cell that one might carry, @ko0ok  my ultimate companion.

Have you ever met someone who was built on a beautiful combination, like a master piece drawn by our creator!

my Kaltham, I love you for so many reasons that cant be possibly counted or calculated. I love you because you’ve seen all my sides the good, the bad, the devil, and yet you choose to see me as an angel, you choose to stick through my journey and not a better company I would’ve had.

I love you because you’re a beauty queen and yet you’re not just a beauty queen, you’re the whole package, you’re the intelligent, the kind, THE ‘Architect’. You’re everything to me.

we’re almost lasting a decade and through those years thank you for being my number one motivator and my ‘always there’ person

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person on earth, my best friend and my one and only person. Happy birthday to the most inspiring and motivating, to the amazing architect @ko0ok

We’re living 1st of November again and may we live so many upcoming Novembers..

The closest person to perfection is you and the closest person to my heart is you