Jay’s Wonderland

photo 5

Spent my Saturday night at Jewels’s place. Who is one of my favorite people on this earth. We’ve been friends since high school, she’s one of those people that I keep going back to and even though we don’t speak everyday or meet every week, when we do meet it’s like we have never drifted. She has always been like a sister to me, and as for that I got the pleasure of growing a relationship with her sister (Sarah) as well and got to know what’s behind the extreme outer beauty and found nothing but more beauty. I just loovvee to accompany those two creatures that steam beauty and dreams. That gathering where you feel you can say whatever you want whenever you want, without having to worry about what’s going to come out of your mouth(because we all know our mouths can surprise us sometimes) but with them I’m just certain I won’t be judged or not forgiven.

Because my little jewel has a beautiful taste in interiors & an eye for what the room should contain, I knew I had to carry my camera to her house and share the wonders of her wonderland.

She’s a die hard Disney lover, so that what you would mostly see on her shelf, an addition to souvenirs from all around the world..

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Sweets Day

And finally it’s the 14th of Ramdan, “Sweets day” as my 7 year old cousin calls it. The day we all loved and cherished when we were kids, and we still do, we still get to gather and eat candy even though it’s not ours. I don’t know about you guys but I always steal candy from the kids :p

I took pictures of my favorite treats this year. My top one is the vintage cushion I just loved how cute it looks and how much it reminded me of the old days when we were kids. Super cute and super creative! at the end of the day my sister transformed it into a cosmetic bag so it’s not just cute it’s practical too..

I’ve had it with the minidra3a trend and I’ve been moving towered the long ones those last couple of years, It’s wired how much you can hate something then love it insanely, I used to hate long ones and refuse to wear them before, and now they’re all I look for..

Wanted to take more photos, but because of my annoying brother I couldn’t take a decent picture, oh and he’s also here

Last year it was long strapless royal blue jalabiya paired with blue pumps and vintage jewellery..

This year I moved towered pastel colors and chose to go with baby pink paired with gold, so many patterns were already on the jalaybia so I kept it simple with the jewellery. Both jalyabias were created and designed by my amazing aunt who I insanely love, she has been always an inspiration for me, I absolutely love her taste in everything. She’s the family taste adviser lol.

I hope you all had a sweet day xx