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I think that one of the most important elements of a serene bedroom is a beautined up nightstands. So here are some very easy tips that I like to follow for the visual anchor of my room. The easiest way to start up is by getting a vase and a set of flowers whether you like them fake or real, flowers always left up the entire room. I got my vase from Zarahome filled it up with my favorite flower (pink peonies). I always check Zarahome website before hitting the mall, to ensure that what I’m looking for is available instead of coming back home empty handed.


Adding Books is always a good decorating tip, especially fashion books, always beautifully covered. So this would be the second thing I’d have on my table.

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Your nightstand has to contain the essential items that you need just before going to sleep, and first thing when you wake up in the morning. How to sum those essentials on your nightstand is pretty easy. All you need is a tray. In my case At night the first thing I need is Baies interior scent, the scent combines A bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves, which gives a perfect breeze of a garden feel in my room, so I like to spray a bit of it before I hit the shower. I also like to keep my favorite hand & body cream “PINK wild at heart” and my favorite perfumes in a tiny tray ( Wild bluebell by Jo Malone, Valentina by Valentino, Fresh Musk and Light Musk by Aljazeera). I love Arabian scents from Oud to Musk, my favorite scent for the last month has been Light Musk! You need to give it a sniff if you’re a die hard Arabian scents lover.

EDITED 3 photco 1-3What I keep on my nightstand is very changeable sometimes instead of having a set of perfumes, I might replace them with a candle or a jewellery box where I keep my daily jewellery or the leftovers of yesterday’s party, I got the green one and the mirrored one from Zarahome.

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My second nightstand is a combination of stolen tableware from my mom’s kitchen kabord – way to be creative huh?- Starting from a heart-shaped tray from iDesign, containing a Villeroy&Boch glass jar for updated seasonal nailpolish, My favorite Jo Malone summery body cream Blackberry&bay and LSAinternational bowl that could contain girly snacks or daily jewels.

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Things I regret buying


There are a lot of things that I have bought and found completely useless. I finally learned to read reviews of products before moving to the purchasing process.

Untitled-251-The first product that I REALLY regret buying is the clarisonic. It ruined my life by ruining my skin! so many people love this tool and I didn’t expect to hate it at all. Before purchasing the clarisonic the seller used it on my hands to show me its effect on the skin and you wont believe the dirt that came out of my hands! (I know ew) the dirt was not visible to the naked eye so I was pretty impressed of how clean and soft my hands felt after using the clarsonic so I went back home super excited to use it (you should know I have acne prone – my skin usually breaks out). The first few times I used it I was so happy with how it made my face super clean and super bright. I felt that my initial color was restored BUT (there’s always a but).. when I first started using it my skin was pretty good I had nothing but two pimples one on the right side of my face and the other one on my left side I usually apply a clearing gel on my pimples and they disappear after few days but because I was using the clarsonic my skin started braking out like crazzzyyy both sides of my face were filled with breakouts. It was a horrifying and a very upsetting time for me it took  a VERY VERY VERY long depressing process to get read of what the clarisonic caused. And don’t get me started on the cleansers that comes with it. Terrible just terrible.

2- Bliss Clog dissolving cleansing milk: I purchased this when I ran out of my bliss oxygen cleanser which I LOVE LOVE LOVE  and when I went back to bliss to get a new one they were sold out so the therapist advised me to purchase this one instead. It smells horrible, it irritated my skin and did not remove my make up the way it should.


3- BIODERMA purifying gel: I got this when I ran out of my cataphil cleanser we don’t have it in Doha so I needed an immediate substitute so I went for this one. It did not harm my skin but it didn’t do good either. you could see from the picture that I’ve barely used any..

Untitled-274- I was really surprised that I hated philosophy Strawberry milkshake! I adore philosophy bath products they smell so yummi! and I smelled this one at the store it smelled like actual Strawberry milkshake but when I went back home for some reason the smell transformed to an old medicine I used to take when I was a child. I definitely don’t like it.


5- Chanel Beaute intiale: I don’t hate this cream but I don’t love it either I believe that there are so many other hydrating creams on the market that would work better. It smells good and I still do use it but I don’t believe I’d repurchase it.

Tell me about the products you purchased but didn’t like?

Topshop Makeup

Today I bring you one of my favorite makeup products by Topshop.What’s in my makeup case and what I wish to have in it soon. Starting from Face to eyes, lips & nails. If you haven’t tried Topshop makeup line, you really shouldn’t be waiting any longer, each product has a sensational vibe to it.

My two favorite face products are “Skin glow” which is an amazing highlighter to your skin that highlights and boost radiance. The other one is “Cheeks” I’ve got it in Prism but I’m planning to tryout more colors from this product because I absolutely love how it defines and highlight cheeks. It can be used to lips and any other body spot that you’d like to highlight.

Even their blush is interesting and absolutely gorgeous I’ve got it in “Pinch” and more colors will be tested soon. Topshop makeup has inner and outer beauty, there are so many blushers that seems to contain beautiful and strong colors but when applying them there is really nothing and they’re absolutely useless.

To be honest I don’t use the cream eyeshadow a lot, but that’s only because I’m more of a clean eye kind of a person. But if you are up to party you should definitely try them out. I’ve got “Darkness” which is basically black, “Heavy metal” which is metallic grey (my favorite), “Emerald city” which is green and finally “velvet” which is purple.

I didn’t try topshop lipsticks because all the colors I’ve wanted were out of stock and unfortunately the online store does not ship directly to Qatar and I’ve had it with aremx so I’d rather wait for my next trip to London or Dubai. Moving on to  what’s on my wishlist, everything on my wishlist is on this look.

And their nailpolish is pretty awesome as well, my favorites: Daydream, world’s end and green room.