I’ve always admired Anna Dello Russo, I love that she’s always in for a surprise, you can’t not stop when you see her pictures, she turn heads and stop clicks! it’s not just that all eyes are on her but all lenses as well. She became the queen of street style, and her style is not very streety it’s the exact opposite it’s more fabulous and greedy.

What I love most is her unique picks! whether with jewellery, dresses or shoes. She’s probably the only person that can go too far and keep it FAB-ulous at the same time.

Recently, I’ve admired her A.MORIR sunglasses that you can get directly from their website. I gotta be honest I’ve never heard of a.morir before, I’ve checked their website and they’ve got some super unique shades. Of course no one picks better shades than Anna, especially that she needs to protect her eyes from all the flashes through fashion week.

She absolutely has the best taste in jewellery. At first I didn’t love Repossi’s jewellery line so much, but when I saw how it can transform a “just ok” outfit to a fabulous one, my feelings changed immediately. Shop it at N-A-P 

Photos credit: thecoveteur