Tuta’s Harmonie

Pistachio and strawberry my two favorite flavors put together in tuta’s cake-my sister- who never fails to impress. You’d think we got used to her work but no, we’re always surprised, it’s never the “same old same old” with her, it’s always something new and something better.

On Thursday she made laduree’s famous cake “Harmonie” she got the recipe from Sucré Laduree’s desserts book. I’ve never wanted to learn cooking until I laid my eyes on this book everything just looks pretty & yummi!

Black Suede

I think all the people that have met me know that my favorite color is black whenever I’m shopping my eyes will always head to the blacks before anything else. Black is the elegance, and when you think elegant you immediately think Coco Chanel who initiated the “Classy & Fabulous” woman. You can tell that black was her favorite color and it was the one she always chose and yet she was and still is the greatest fashion icon.

“I have said that black has it all. it’s beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Coco Chanel

I love this dress for two reasons because it’s black of course and because I wore it to one of the best days of my life my “19th birthday” that was spent with the people I LOVE most, and now every time I walk into my closet and see it a breeze of exultant passes me by. I love clothes that can make you relive beautiful days.

Another important piece is the moschino ladybird clutch that I got from my sister for my 14th birthday it was my first clutch ever, do you know the feeling of when you get your first bike and learn how to ride it, this was the same case I was excited and looking forward to learn how to be a lady. Out of all the insects and the bugs in the world that I hate, I’ve always loved the ladybird.

Marie antoinette

This post is dedicated to my sister whose birthday was two days ago & who I love so so much.. Because she’s in love with everything french I through her a Marie Antonietta tea party..

..from macaroon pyramids to the Eiffel tower

Tuta’s Mobtebello Macarons

To all bakery lovers I advice you to get the new English addition of PIERRE HERME MACARONS my sister has been waiting for it for so long and finally when she did get it she -as usual- created the most delicious set of  Montebello Macaron; a combination of pistachio and raspberry, it tasted like little drops of heaven!

Arabian Fairytale

A memory of the eighteen…

Mom, @meme_ange and @tutoz you always know how to make my birthday the best day of the year. It’s the day where I live a fairytale, on my 18th it was a tea party & a sexy Constance and this year I was an Arabian princess and the tent was my castle..

Everything was spectacular I even couldn’t take my eyes off of the decorations it felt like Christmas in my own house but the Arabian version of it.

Everything was beautiful, and what added to it’s beauty were the people there, this made it perfect.

The best part about my birthday is that it comes at the end of December so whatever crap I’ve been through. No matter how many sleepless nights and tough mornings I’ve had through the year, my birthday would come and make up for all these days. It’s a reminder that I have what matters most, my dear family & friends.. you guys make my world a happier one.

Dessert is Served

Oh dead tired haven’t slept since yesterday still one more class to go and I”ll be back home to my precious precious bed. Today finally my misery ended where I took my last mid term. With the thought of summer approaching I feel my heart beats electrifying *dance*

Yesterday my sister was making cream puffs “Choux a la rose” the light delicious piece of pastry. I couldn’t wait for to be served, unfortunately I had to wait till today to taste it.

It was worth the wait, did not taste something as good as this in a very long time!! my stomach fluttered and my heart ached a little. Yes am an admirer of food *ggls*

another reason to to be happy today is that I finally got my wallet picked up from Louis Vuitton. Where I had them print my initials.