High taste & Sparkling designs

I’ve never in my life was excited for a new Abaya designer as I was when I heard that Haya is starting her own line of Abayas, because never in my life have I seen someone with her unique style and high taste. I expected to see amazing designs but what I saw exceeded my expectations when I walked into her work place it felt like an Abayas Disneyland sparkles, colors and everything beautiful.

The amount of work and effort she has put into all of this is incredible. I believe she has a bright sparkly future ahead of her..

Her exhibition started today at the torch tower and will last till the 20th of January, I advice you not to miss it, it’s amazing!!

Fashionable Art

I’ve been always an admirer of fashion and art. When those two are combined together magic is created!! What I mostly love is how one design can contain so many meanings, different attributes and tell a story in one picture, in one frame.

One of my favorite artists is “Krisatomic” an illustration originator!! Not only does she express herself through Art but through Photography too and yes she is too one of my favorite photographers. Check out her blog here. She also fashioned illustrations for  Vogue Girl Korea‘s