Sirena & Mason

On Tuesday I was taking a morning walk at Tottenham Court Road in tweeded pumps, it seemed like an interesting street, I penetrated on every block looking for something but even I didn’t know what that thing was, until I saw Paperchase and I immediately knew that Chanel brought me here for a reason. Paperchase is one of my favorite stationary producers so to find a huge store just for its products was like finding paradise..

.. After I bought almost everything, I headed to lunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants on James street “Sirena” I ordered the usual Sea food risotto with prawns

Selfridges was the nearest spot to shop so we had ourselves a treat of silk and lipstick..

You always need a hug in a cup after a doze of Italian & I never mind having my warm huggy tea with scones and chocolate at “The Fountain”

Of course it is not possible to be at Fortnum and Mason without shopping for tea.


On a Saturday morning after grabbing my rich hot chocolate from Pret. I walked over to the street that never sleeps. The place you go to for shopping, fine afternoon tea or just little bites of ice cream. I love Piccadilly for so many reasons. One of them is that you never feel alone, as much as I hate crowded places, I have made peace with the crowds of Piccadilly.

I don’t know how I walked from the hotel to Piccadilly that day was it because of my   magical loafers that I was wearing or because of Helio Sequence music dancing in my ears.

It never hurts to visit Chinatown…

..and have American icecream

Wore skinny jeans, plain topshop white top, oversized blazer & a classic Chanel, completing the look with Sanrio Hello Kitty necklace. My makeup was: Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara. And I never of course forget my Sunscreen I used Vichy spf 50+ & colored my nails with Topshop Daydreem.


My first day at London was spent at Greenwich village, beautiful place I loved the fact that so many movies were shot there like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and 20 more others. it is indeed a perfect setting for historical movies where it’s built upon the traditional European architecture..

There were very few distracts that were built modernly, one of them and the tallest one is “The Shard” a beauteous skyscraper owned by Qatar.

London Fashion’s Night Out

On the 6th of September it was Vogue’s annual party “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT.”  I was extremely excited to finally be able to attend FNO! Although there were a lot of downsides. The morning of the 6th was fashion chaos, all the roads of bond street were closed, the traffic was unbearable it took forever to run my five minutes errands, but at the end of the night it was worth it.


I had a little video prepared it’s not that great but just so you can live through the moment, didn’t film most of the important parts like Chanel vending machine exclusive makeup products or Mulberry & Jimmy choo party it was too crowded and I didn’t want to be squeezed hehe

..Hermes had a lovely show prepared, I loved how they previewed their scarfs creatively.

Makeup and hairdressers for everybody..

The saddest part of the night was when I walked into Moschino and they informed me that they’re sold out of Gennarino (the bear iphone case) I have been counting down to get my hands on it and I arrived only few minuted after they started selling! the amount of the crowd was unbelievable

And of course a party is never complete without food. From chocolate fondue pyramid to cotton candy..

Excuse the quality of the pictures, it was bad enough that I was taking pictures with my iphone but it was also dark which made it even harder to grab a decent picture.


remains of the break

Hello lovely people who have been waiting for a new post, I’m really sorry but I still don’t have anything new to post but I brought you some pictures of my spring break that was spent in London and sadly the break is about to come to an end so I’d love to post some pictures here and re live the days before I start living through hell again..

It was crazy cold this year!! I can’t remember the last time I walked out of the hotel and did not turn into an Ice cube, I was surprisingly thankful every time it rained, the rain would slowly melt down the ice

me and my family spent the first evening enjoying cirque du soleil it was a really lovely show you’d be lucky if you catch it through any of your holidays, what sucks though is that at the last hour me and my sister were too tired that we actually fall asleep!!! if it wasn’t good I probably would’ve been asleep at the first hour lol

speaking of my sister she just turned 21 and I’m so excited I have a feeling it’s going to be an amazing year for you *inshalla* I hope all your dreams come true, I hope you graduate safely and fly to the city of hearts where you belong..

I’ve had so many lazy days this year most of the time would just stay in by myself do absolutely nothing and enjoy every minute of being lazy because it won’t be too long before I’m back to my books and late nights..

when I didn’t have my lazy mode on it was time for the yummiest desserts and shopping at my favorite places..

Matthew Williamson..


I hope everyone enjoyed their break xx

The City of Hearts: London

If anyone asks me what’s your favorite place after home I would say London, and London. I think london’slove disease we have in the family is genetic.. Where my father would not mind spending all his days there (a person that very much hate travel and airplanes) but when it comes to this City its different.

A perfect day in london would be like this…..

Morning walk in the park, maybe give the squirrels my greetings and some seeds..

pass by Mount Street do some shopping, consume and consume

have a cup of tea at Mount Street Deli, my favorite cafe.