remains of the break

Hello lovely people who have been waiting for a new post, I’m really sorry but I still don’t have anything new to post but I brought you some pictures of my spring break that was spent in London and sadly the break is about to come to an end so I’d love to post some pictures here and re live the days before I start living through hell again..

It was crazy cold this year!! I can’t remember the last time I walked out of the hotel and did not turn into an Ice cube, I was surprisingly thankful every time it rained, the rain would slowly melt down the ice

me and my family spent the first evening enjoying cirque du soleil it was a really lovely show you’d be lucky if you catch it through any of your holidays, what sucks though is that at the last hour me and my sister were too tired that we actually fall asleep!!! if it wasn’t good I probably would’ve been asleep at the first hour lol

speaking of my sister she just turned 21 and I’m so excited I have a feeling it’s going to be an amazing year for you *inshalla* I hope all your dreams come true, I hope you graduate safely and fly to the city of hearts where you belong..

I’ve had so many lazy days this year most of the time would just stay in by myself do absolutely nothing and enjoy every minute of being lazy because it won’t be too long before I’m back to my books and late nights..

when I didn’t have my lazy mode on it was time for the yummiest desserts and shopping at my favorite places..

Matthew Williamson..


I hope everyone enjoyed their break xx

Arabian Fairytale

A memory of the eighteen…

Mom, @meme_ange and @tutoz you always know how to make my birthday the best day of the year. It’s the day where I live a fairytale, on my 18th it was a tea party & a sexy Constance and this year I was an Arabian princess and the tent was my castle..

Everything was spectacular I even couldn’t take my eyes off of the decorations it felt like Christmas in my own house but the Arabian version of it.

Everything was beautiful, and what added to it’s beauty were the people there, this made it perfect.

The best part about my birthday is that it comes at the end of December so whatever crap I’ve been through. No matter how many sleepless nights and tough mornings I’ve had through the year, my birthday would come and make up for all these days. It’s a reminder that I have what matters most, my dear family & friends.. you guys make my world a happier one.

The Coveteur

I layed my eyes on this lovely website ‘thecoveteur’ where it combines photography and fashion. The founders of the website are designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark. It was created through a fashion inspirational view where Jake Rosenberg -the photographer- captures the closets/wardrobe of the iconic people that have an infulance in the fashion industry.

it’s usually my sister who is ‘a capturer’ of everything; of fashion, nature and beautiful moments. After being astonished by ‘the coveteur’ I wanted to blow the dust off my camera!

here are the results ( I know it’s no Jake Rosenberg)






The make of Rose & Lovely Arrogance

This post is dedicated to my sister the photographer who’s very angry with me right now, and I have no idea why -ok maybe a little bit I do- moving on..

When I was first pulled out to this world I realized I’m not by myself, but there was Tuta my Angelic-eldest sister and angedelamour; who is my twin like so many people say but one year earlier. Tuta who remind me very much of Bree Van De kamp where she makes the best desserts and sweets. Seriously no competition. As soon as I finish my finals there will be pictures all over the blog of her Macaroons, Choux a la rose, Saint Honoré-Rose-Framboise and of course her famous Cupcakes … ah she just made “macaron framboise” few days back and I still can’t get over how it tasted!

Anyhow, what I’m posting today is pictures I took while photoshooting for the fashion editorial “Lovely arrogance” and “Rose”


Getting Sophia -the model- ready for hair and makeup


Didn’t really take a good picture before the photoshoot trying to get everything in place and been waiting for Sophia and after the photoshoot everything turned into a mess so there wasn’t anything to capture then! And the quality is very bad too I’ll keep in mind to always take pictures with my iphone not with my blackberry..

Sophia in Red Hot Valentino for the next setting which was not published yet


That’s pretty much is all I took while photoshooting, I was just blown away by how everything turned out. And looking forward for another photoshoot, one for myself maybe! there’s an advantage of living with a photographer heh


There isn’t something I would rather do than have tea with my loved ones. As Patric Jane always says “Tea it’s a hug in a cup”

There are so many places I’ve been to just to have tea. My fisrt time was with my two sisters Fatma and Mariam and my three close amazing friends Lulwa, Shaha and Kalthm. We all got together after our last class and headed to the fourseasons

That was the start of the After noon tea obsession we had. We started having our own tea parties at home.