My 20th birthday

IMG_0339I just turned 20 today which at first was a nay and not a yay. I remember the time when I was young and all I wanted was to grow up, but recently my wants changed, growing up is no longer one of them. two nights ago I was completely disappointed with myself by the fact that I’ll turn twenty and I did not achieve anything that is worth something, that I have never had the moment where I was proud of myself nor was I ever extremely happy of something I did. I’ve also been carrying sorrow of how far I’ve drifted away from God, my faith and love was still there but the worship and commitment was less, causing a gloomy cloud on my chest. And I’ve been in great distance from almost all of my dear friends and it has been no ones fault but mine. I’ve been souped into a ball of negativity.

cxBut the 26th comes again and washes away all the melancholy. When the people I love most gather together to celebrate the day of my birth, my family and dearest friends. It’s when I finally realize I have the one thing that matters most. “Love” from the dearest people to my heart. The 26th is indeed a birth-day it’s a birth for a new soul to be born, releasing the prejudices and flaws, exchanging them for happiness and tolerance, my soul sang in harmony with the wind again…

new 11The 26th is a reminder that even though I wasn’t the perfect friend or sister or daughter, they’re still here and they will always be. I trust that, because those people are the ones that have seen all of me, all of my colors, the black and the white. They’ve seen the devil and the angel, yet chose to only see the white angel.

Untitled-17Thank you to all of those who have gave birth to my soul today. Everyone who has texted, pathed, bbmed, tweeted and called, thank you for your thoughtful words that have given me so much happiness like you can never imagine.

Thank you mom for being the greatest mom on planet earth and dad for being the kindest man alive. If I could pick my parents I’d pick no one but you two and have you raise me all over again and live 20 years of love and comfort with you ❤

Thank you Tuta for being an inspiration to me through the two decades I’ve lived on earth. Spreading your wisdom and your beauty like magical fairy dust. Thank you for being the greatest older sister that helps me through absolutely everything.

Thank you Mariam for being my best friend, for always being there for me, for never giving up on me, for always picking the angelic side when obviously YOU have seen the devil one. Thank you for hearing me all the time whine, whine and whine some more but never complain. Thank you for always throwing me magical birthdays, making me live through a fairytale. I extremely love you and I will always owe you.

Thank you to the greatest friends in the world: Spoona, Kaltham, Foofa, Shaks, Jay, Sara, Lulwa, Shaha, Noura, Sara Al-mohannadi. I Love you guys so much, my heart has been hugged today by your kind words.

4 thoughts on “My 20th birthday

  1. May this year be filled with great achievements and memories to be shared with your loved ones
    My it be as graceful as you are ♡
    Happy birthday dearst amna ♡

    *I know I’ve said it before but your blogposts make me smile♡

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