Things I regret buying: Makeup

Untitled-4In my last post I told you about skincare products that I didn’t like and today I’m gonna be telling you about the makeup products that I found horrible.

The first product that I REALLY hated is Tom ford illuminating powder. TERRIBLE. This product is my biggest regret it’s just useless it doesn’t do anything it says that it’s an illuminating powder but there’s nothing illuminating about it! It’s really the worst powder I’ve ever seen. no shimmer no shine no nothing especially that it’s a bit pricy so I expected a decent powder from TF but this is just terrible.

Untitled-5The second product I’m not really loving is the YSL bronzing powder I don’t hate it as much as tomford’s powder because at least it has shimmer and it’s not completely useless but I prefer my MAC and guerlain bronzing powders. I believe they give better results and finishing. So I don’t really use it as much..

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