Favorite Makeup Tutorials

Hello beautiful readers! I am pretty sure all of you have had it with me and my sudden disappearance, but uni work has no mercy, it consumes all of my time!  But it’s almost spring break so I’m gonna be a-a-a-acctiiivvee…

I have been blogging mentally all the time and not on my laptop which is such a shame I even forgot most of the things I wanted to blog about but I’ll try to refresh my memory and keep my blog updated as much as I can.

Untitled-22lately, I have been a youtube junkie I feel that I’ve watched every video on youtube it has been the first site I visit daily and I thought I’d share with you my favorite makeup tutorials and channels..

I love missglamorazzi channel she introduced me to so many products and brands that I didn’t know existed and I just love how she makes her makeup looks so flawless!

Tanya Burr is my second favorite she applies makeup beautifully and her tutorials are so enjoyably.

And finally gossmakeupartist he gives amazing tips! I actually tried doing this and it made my eye makeup look perfect when I usually mess the hell out of it..

I hope you’ll enjoy watching those tutorials and I would love to hear about your favorite channels xx

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