Topshop Makeup

Today I bring you one of my favorite makeup products by Topshop.What’s in my makeup case and what I wish to have in it soon. Starting from Face to eyes, lips & nails. If you haven’t tried Topshop makeup line, you really shouldn’t be waiting any longer, each product has a sensational vibe to it.

My two favorite face products are “Skin glow” which is an amazing highlighter to your skin that highlights and boost radiance. The other one is “Cheeks” I’ve got it in Prism but I’m planning to tryout more colors from this product because I absolutely love how it defines and highlight cheeks. It can be used to lips and any other body spot that you’d like to highlight.

Even their blush is interesting and absolutely gorgeous I’ve got it in “Pinch” and more colors will be tested soon. Topshop makeup has inner and outer beauty, there are so many blushers that seems to contain beautiful and strong colors but when applying them there is really nothing and they’re absolutely useless.

To be honest I don’t use the cream eyeshadow a lot, but that’s only because I’m more of a clean eye kind of a person. But if you are up to party you should definitely try them out. I’ve got “Darkness” which is basically black, “Heavy metal” which is metallic grey (my favorite), “Emerald city” which is green and finally “velvet” which is purple.

I didn’t try topshop lipsticks because all the colors I’ve wanted were out of stock and unfortunately the online store does not ship directly to Qatar and I’ve had it with aremx so I’d rather wait for my next trip to London or Dubai. Moving on to  what’s on my wishlist, everything on my wishlist is on this look.

And their nailpolish is pretty awesome as well, my favorites: Daydream, world’s end and green room.

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