Are you looking forward to a new Coveteur because I’m planning to create one and hopefully with better results than last time. Today’s post is a mix of a bit Coveteur and a lot of nailpolish.

A lot of people have been asking me about my favorite nailpolish brands I’ve mentioned some before on my old post like: Chanel, Inglot, illamasqua & topshop. Recently my list has been refreshed to : butterLONDON, Zoya & Deborah lippmann. And the ones that are on my Must-Tryout-List : Sparitual, sheswai & ginger liz

My sister has been nagging on my head to use ciate’s caviar manicure that she got me, I’ve been always a fan of ciate nailpolish. It’s not just about the quality and colors of the brand that are indeed delicately extravagant!  but also the polish bottle itself screams femininity!! here is the Result of my caviar tryout. I’ve got to admit I loved it even though it looks a bit messy here, I’m sure if you follow the instructions and do it patiently (which I didn’t do) it would turn out perfectly!

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