Bliss has been proven one of the best spas world wide, today I’m reveling the experiences I’ve had with bliss, before talking treatments let’s talk decor, I really loved the colors and the interior design of the place no wonder it won an Award for Best Spa Design, the colors chosen takes you to a more girly modernized world.

Moving on to facials I chose to do their most famous facial ‘the triple oxygen treatment’ and it was truly the best facial I’ve ever had. You will exit the room with a glowy beautiful face, what I loved is that they squeezed their oxygen treatments into bottles that you can purchase. therefore, you can take the treatment to your home. My therapist also recommended me some skin care products that I have been using for a month now and after all the problems  I’ve had with my skin I’m left with only  positive feedback.

And even if you’re not interested in facials and body treatments you can enjoy their unlimited nail care treatments from hot cream manicure to heels-recovery pedicure

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