A master piece

You might find that this post contradict the previous one where I stated that my soul is poisoned with change and that I could never love someone forever, but when it comes to one person all laws seem to scatter. A person that cures the hearts and souls, a person that absorb every toxic cell that one might carry, @ko0ok  my ultimate companion.

Have you ever met someone who was built on a beautiful combination, like a master piece drawn by our creator!

my Kaltham, I love you for so many reasons that cant be possibly counted or calculated. I love you because you’ve seen all my sides the good, the bad, the devil, and yet you choose to see me as an angel, you choose to stick through my journey and not a better company I would’ve had.

I love you because you’re a beauty queen and yet you’re not just a beauty queen, you’re the whole package, you’re the intelligent, the kind, THE ‘Architect’. You’re everything to me.

we’re almost lasting a decade and through those years thank you for being my number one motivator and my ‘always there’ person

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person on earth, my best friend and my one and only person. Happy birthday to the most inspiring and motivating, to the amazing architect @ko0ok

We’re living 1st of November again and may we live so many upcoming Novembers..

The closest person to perfection is you and the closest person to my heart is you

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