Blue Valentine

When I saw Blue Valentine I hated it. I hated how depressing and realistic it was! Yes reality became what depresses me in a movie..

for the ones who didn’t watch it, it was basically about two individuals who fell in love, got married, had a child, but somewhere along the way they stopped loving each other.

There’s always that one person or a group of people that we tell ” I’de love you forever” “I can’t live without you” ” You’ll be my friend for eternity” all those phrases are just overrated. because somewhere along the road we will stop loving certain people, we would stop being comfortable around them and we will stop liking them..

They will change and we will change. Change is constant.

Blue valentine did have a boy meet girl but it didn’t have a fairytale happy ever after, unfortunately, it had reality.

What is really the reason that makes us stop loving the people that once were our everything. You don’t really know and I don’t really know. But I know for sure that it is a poison for the soul and if I could I would run from it, I would, as far as I can. But I don’t think anyone escapes the poison of change.


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