The Coveteur

I layed my eyes on this lovely website ‘thecoveteur’ where it combines photography and fashion. The founders of the website are designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark. It was created through a fashion inspirational view where Jake Rosenberg -the photographer- captures the closets/wardrobe of the iconic people that have an infulance in the fashion industry.

it’s usually my sister who is ‘a capturer’ of everything; of fashion, nature and beautiful moments. After being astonished by ‘the coveteur’ I wanted to blow the dust off my camera!

here are the results ( I know it’s no Jake Rosenberg)






One thought on “The Coveteur

  1. omg this is beyond AH-MAZING!!!!
    today when i watched you set eveything up and start taking photos i was amazed by the results on the camera! but this!! like everything posted together oh-my-god is really piece of art! i’m blown away i truly truly LOVED IT!
    and can’t wait for you up coming photo-shootz

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