The Perfect Setting

My idea of a perfect house: Louis XV chair & Wood. The French are relentless purveyors of style even with furniture!

 I loved Naomi Campbell’s photoshoot for Italian Vogue, not only because of her intrinsic beauty or the elegance of styling but because of the luxurious setting. I loved the walls and the chairs! the setting was perfectly french furnished.

Another photoshoot that I loved the setting of: A photoshoot for GQ Style Italy, starring fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. Photographed by Blommers & Schumm. The wallpaper and the art displayed was magnificent.

One thought on “The Perfect Setting

  1. It amazes me that you notice the settings, I hardly even care at times.. but the thing that did indeed caught my attention back in the years was Viktor & Rolf’s shoot and how they combined both beauty in setting, and of course the twins. I’ve always admired how they tricked me to believe that they were walking on side walls, yet they were laying down. The photographer did an outstanding job covering the shadows.

    Amna, I think I’m your #1 fan. Your writing, your point of view, your everything. Don’t stop posting :*

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