An alteration for Egypt

The tremor created by the Egyptians was a sensational amusement to the Arab world. Where the rebellions redefined limits and possibilities for Arabs. I finally witnessed the defeat of an autocrat. I finally tasted victory. I might not be Egyptian but I am a part of the Arab world and I’ve been waiting for justice. And before I be an Egyptian before I be a Muslim Before I be an Arab Before I label my self, I am most importantly human, against poverty, hunger and oppression.

Egyptians have been really nothing but an inspiration for all of us. All I’ve been doing on January is pray for their misery to end, for their life to begin. They’ve amazed me by the way they fought against oppression. One of the protests signs that have said ” to live for something is better than living for nothing.” They deserve applause for living for something, they really do.

And what have disappointed me were those who were against them and kept asking supporters not to support them! not support? the ones that have been hungry, homeless, jobless and HOPELESS for thirty damn years with the tiniest right being violated. This is just absurd. the least you could is support.

3 thoughts on “An alteration for Egypt

  1. You have interesting choice of words. There were certain parts that I really really loved.
    And I agree with what you said, we may not be egyptians ourselves but we did support and pray for victory.

  2. I’ve been tearless for a while, and this post made me cry like a baby, Yes we did suffer with them, felt for them, and lived with them. And I think we quite suffered more due to not being able to be there to physically support them. We did witness history, we did witness change, and we pray for the better change inshalah.
    Amna, I salute you for what you said, its not that it made me respect you 10 times more, I’ve already respected you 100 times more before. I’m speechless.

    1- Strong choice of words,
    2- Straight to the heart
    3- Truthful and honest.

    and I thank you for being that and more. For taking the time to express your gratitude and feelings towards such a huge event in the Arab world.

    Allah ywfgch, I honestly seeing something big coming up for you.

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